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05-Jun-2018 09:07

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In case you forgot, the illusionist's toddler was diagnosed , Criss made the AMAZING revelation that his son Johnny Sarantako's cancer is in remission.

The two-year-old was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last October. We know this has been an especially trying time for the pair.

She also stated that Angel’s relationship with Cameron Diaz damaged the marriage and that she no longer gets financial support from Angel.

(Diaz denied any involvement in the breakup, saying the couple was already separated when they briefly dated.) “When she filed her complaint over one year ago, and when she amended it twice, she made no mention of alleged adultery or lack of financial support,” Angel said in a statement.

In fact, it seems as though Criss was determined to pull off the trick, as on Saturday he returned to his Sin City stage and performed the escape without any hiccups.

And fans certainly took notice of Angel's bravery as they took to Twitter to sing his praises (below)! Criss Angel was performing in Vegas last night when something went very wrong in the middle of his show, and a mistake made in a straitjacket routine sent him to the hospital for treatment! The illusionist was doing his that ten minutes into the opening act, the show was stopped after Angel got seriously injured during a set.

“I think she just can’t believe this is all happening, really.

Sarantakos’s aunt, Irma Winkhart, told PEOPLE that her niece always supported Angel and is upset by the split.Related: Nicki Bares Her Curves On The Red Carpet On Wednesday's episode of the CBS talk show, Eve thinks Nicki's snap is "not good" and not "role model"-material.Knowing that his public divorce won’t disappear, illusionist Criss Angel is firing back at his estranged wife, calling her claims of mental abuse “blatant lies” and saying she’s painted him as a “monster” for financial gain.“Her claim that she was my ‘secret’ wife is preposterous and inaccurate.

Our marriage was well known to my friends and all of my fans worldwide.” Adding that his short relationship with Diaz is over, he said the fact that Sarantakos and her lawyer brought the star’s name up “is a sign of their desperation.” “Cameron is a good friend and an amazing person and to defame her and myself and paint her as the reason for my marriage’s demise is factually inaccurate, ridiculous and just plain wrong.

Related: A Breast Cancer Survivor From Beyoncé's What a relief for C. Despite the great leaps the toddler has made, he's not out of the woods quite yet.

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