Dating tyre shekel

13-Jul-2018 05:10

The currency changers would shout their rates at the tops of their voices to attract customers.In the Gospels we read how Christ responded: He spilt the changers' coins and overturned their tables: “My house will be called a house of prayer.But what would Jewish priests do, when Augustus withdrew the city of Tyre’s autonomy in the year 20 BC?This would have meant the end of Tyre’s minting of silver.The reverse of the Tyrian shekel also referred to the city's founding.For Tyre is said to have originated from a wandering rock, which only came to rest when the blood of an eagle was spilt on it.

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Jesus, as a practicing Jew, was aware of his annual financial obligation to the Jerusalem Temple.

Matthew -27 (NIV) tells the story of how Jesus and his disciples were solicited and gave their contribution to the collectors of the Temple tribute: This story of the coin in the fish’s mouth is never verified beyond this telling—in other words, we don’t know if this is a true story, partially true, based on a legend, or a parable intended to otherwise enlighten readers.

If a coin really was found in a fish’s mouth, however, it seems clear from Matthew’s report that it would have been a shekel of Tyre since that was the singular coin accepted as payment of the annual half-shekel Temple tribute for both Jesus and for Peter the fisherman.

There, Jews from around the world paid temple tax, exactly half a shekel per man per year.

The currency in which they fulfilled this duty was prescribed.Money that has served a purpose in the channels of commerce -- in other words, it has traded hands in exchange for goods or services.

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